Patrick Soares & Indra Alam. [Topic] M.Arch Studio // NOMAS_ LA

students: Patrick Soares + Indra Alam

school: Florida International  University

location: Miami, USA

degree: M.arch

advisor: Eric Goldemberg

project title: nomas_LA

Excellence in Design Award*

Inspired by Ridley Scott’s 1982 “Blader Runer”, we envisioned a future plagued by after affects of war and corruption. The context is of climate change, global dimming, pollution and de-population. In order to establish an architectural strategy for this scenario we looked into Deleuze’s idea’s of Nomadology, Archigram’s the Plug-In City + the Walking City, along with Mat-Urbanism.

Print 1-4Review     urban concept //
context site context // 
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delam1 diagrammatic strategy //
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precedent study // 

This thesis is about testing post-apocalyptic urban strategies through interface. Interface of human + machine and architecture + machine. Aiming to negotiate friction between mechanical components and organic landscape. The landscape and the mechanical have a symbiotic relationship through which one is reliant upon the other for the system to thrive. The user physically plugs into the structure, while the structure itself plugs into existing infrastructure. The site is the old Santa Fe freight yard in downtown Los Angeles.

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4c_affect affect //
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5c_modulemodule //


Analysis derived from research on the circuitry and motherboard of a computer, and the components within it, was used to inform the architecture on the site. The “capacitors” on the motherboard were interpreted as the existing structure on the site, the HUBS innomas_La feed from these capacitors. The HUBS will eventually fragmentarily detach and plug into the next station to serve a different purpose from site to site, essentially becoming nomadic themselves.

plazasection undergroundsection section series_ plaza & underground //
detach moving architecture //
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S//A Interview:

S//A: Whats the most important aspect of this project we should be aware of?

A: This future is dark and dystopic. The architecture responds to that by developing nomadic qualities. Meaning it unplugs itself from its HUB, moves by use of the railway, and expands the network.

S//A: What other fields outside architecture interest you?

A: We are both very interested in philosophy and engineering.

S//A: Most important thing you learned in architecture school?

A: The most important thing we learned is the ability to develop a design process that is driven by a concept; the gives intent and meaning to any body of work, not only architecture.

S//A: Describe your dream project?

A: Our dream project is one where we as the designers are able to exercise the most amount of control of the process. We are not very concerned with a specific typology, but more with the freedom to convey our ideas through the project. And of course, one that gets built!

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